Top 5 Best TV Wall Mounts of 2023 – Complete Shopping Guide

Having trouble seeing the TV screen at the right angle is really unacceptable for most of us.

Using a wall mount is a perfect solution to position your flat screen, LED, LCD, or even curved TV at a convenient height. Plus, giving you an excellent viewing angle, wall mounts help to save a lot of space by freeing up the furniture which is used to place the TV.

Unlike conventional ones, modern wall mounts follow the low profile design which does not just enhance the beauty of the gadget aesthetically but also locks your TV securely.

Considering different types of budget range and mounting needs, we thoroughly conducted research and finally shortlisted the top 5 best TV wall mounts of 2023.


What to Look for a TV Wall Mount

A wide range of features can come with a TV wall mount. Here are some features you may interest in while shopping for a wall mount bracket.


You need a wall mount which can easily support the shape, weight, and size of your TV especially if it’s a curved one. Most wall mount can satisfy with a range of TV models, but make sure the one you buy that is compatible with yours.


Have you searched for one that can swivel or a fixed mount? Do you want a full-motion TV wall mount or a slightly tilt one? The tilting does allow you to some degree of vertical adjustment, while the fixed mount one is the most basic one of a lot. In this, you don’t have any freedom so that some people having a dilemma while picking it.

  • Post-mount Adjustment

One of the standout features of a wall mount is a post-mount adjustment. This feature allows you to change the height of the mount after it had been installed. Actually, you’re totally free to remove or redo the mounting height. Whether you’re unsure about the mounting or you’re somewhat new to it, having one which offers you to adjust the post-mount adjustment is a brilliant idea.

VESA Compliance

The full form of VESA is Video Electronics Standards Association. It has developed a standard mounting interface for all mounts. Based on the size of the TV, all television mount comes with a certain hole mount size and ability to hold a specific weight. The new flat televisions can be mounted and their mount holes have different heights and widths. Most often, mounting holes’ height and width are dependent on the screen size and weight. If your mount holes don’t meet the standards, you may worry about the ability to hold your television weight.

Anti-theft Lock

If you are worried about the safety of your expensive TV, getting a wall mount with safety lock features is great indeed. Some wall mount complemented with anti-theft locks to be installed. So, you will at least sleep well knowing that your TV will be safe–even if your other jewelry items are not. 


This is very important while you’re going to install a TV mount by yourself. Certain wall mount installation can be tricky and it is not something you can mismanage. But some of the models have a post-installation adjustment level to ensure that the TV is perfectly aligned. Also, check whether all the installation tools are included in the box. These make the installation process easy and faster.

Swivel, Tilt, and Rotation

To get the best viewing angles, these are the crucial factors to the lookout. Make sure the TV wall mount allows for titling in all directions. Plus, it should give enough space for swivel and rotation. These will minimize the chance of straining to get the perfect view of the TV.


List of Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount

5. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount



Sought after worldwide, this articulating arm wall mounts by VideoSecu is an advanced full motion TV. With this wall mount, you always get the highest level of protection and excellent view. This product is a versatile one and can accommodate flat-screen monitors ranging from 25-55 inches.

The superior quality steel gauge is used to make it, while its ability supports up to 88 lbs. Besides, it’s compatible with the VESA system this is why it enables it to supports various TVs.

Additionally, you get an adjustment tilts system of +15°/-5° and side to side swivel system for easy viewing and eliminates the further clutters. Even the post-installation level adjustment permits the TV to be at a perfect level.

  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Comfortable rotate and tilts
  • Easy to install
  • Consumers think slightly expensive

4. Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

Looking for a versatile and ultimate wall mount that best suits the curved, large, as well as small TVs? Then the Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount is surely ended your search. However, it’s also perfect for all the TV brands on the market today.

This mount is fabricated with premium quality materials that can supports smaller TVs of about 20-inches to as large as 80-inches TVs. One of the easiest installations boasts up with this wall mount that takes less than 15 minutes. Even whatever all the tools required for installation also come with it.

The Cheetah APTMM2B can allow for 3⁰ rotation from both sides to offers you optimal viewing. Also, a high-speed HDMI cable with a protective jacket comes with it to ensure longevity.

  • Pull tab for quick release
  • Universal design
  • Durable construction
  • Can’t hide the cords

3. VideoSecu MF608B BBM Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount


Have you been thinking about how to securely place your TV on the wall that anybody can view it in a different angle? If so this VideoSecu MF608B BBM Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount can serve the purpose. This one is the best full motion TV wall mount is strong and durable since it can support up to 132lbs of weight.

The wall mounting bracket is affordable and has compatible with a universal VESA system that fits 200x100mm to 684x400mm nicely. Besides you can get a 3- axis magnetic bubble level and a 10 feet HDMI cable for connecting a TV with other multimedia.

Simple, affordable, and still durable quality makes it one of the versatile walls mounts on our list. The installation process is very easy and not time-consuming.

  • Versatile and simple
  • Easy to install
  • Worthy to invest money
  • Some consumers complain about the mounting screws are not long enough

2. VideoSecu Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket for Flat Panel Screen


If you want a small place between your wall and the TV though you require plugging in cables, this VideoSecu Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket for Flat Panel Screen is the ideal one. It’s not got as close as other wall mounts because it has an expandable arm that can reach up to 14-inches away.

Inexpensive, simple, and easy to mount–it somewhat limited to use because it can support only up to 33 lbs with TV from 19 inches to 32 inches in size. No matter you got the LED, LCD, plasma or flat-screen TV, this is the ideal wall mount you must to try.

Plus, you can tilt it forward and backward and swivel your TV to the left and right angle up to 1800 degrees to get the appropriate viewing.

  • Easy to mount
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Can bear a heavy load
  • Not suitable for those who move the screen regularly

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1. Cheetah Dual Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket for LCD


Offer yourself an opportunity to enjoy the quality of your most-liked TV show by spending in this wall mounting bracket. Literally, you are free to adjust the angles of your TV to whatever direction your desire. In other words, you’ll have the right to set the angle in any specific position to meet your personal comfort.

It’s fabricated with heavy-duty materials, which ensure the safety and longevity of your TV. Additionally, the stability of the materials assures you the bracket will withstand high weight up to 115lbs. It also complemented with VESA 400. Plus, comes with HDMI cables of 10 inches twisted veins and magnetic bubble to improve the signal quality of your TV show you receive.

All the necessary hardware comes with the set to keep the installation process easy and straightforward. Even, you can install it and mount the TV in any hardware including the wooden wall.

  • Convenient for any wall
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Adjustable tilting angles
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Slightly costly compared to others


Wrapping It Up

Best TV wall mounts guarantee you to shield your device from harm, however, ensuring you a comfortable viewing. A large variety of brands on the market make picking the best TV wall mounts of 2023 for your needs very tough. By depending on the above best full motion wall mount information, you’ll have the capability to settle on the correct choice.

We consider the capability of the mounts to adjust vast TV weights, tilting, swiveling, and mounting equipment. These brand’s wall mounts come with good features which means you should look at them to serve you better.

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