Best Privacy Window Film – Top 5 Products Review

A perfect home cannot be thought without windows. But sometimes you need to cover the window with something. This could be for the protection of your room from UV light, for decoration, and obviously for some privacy. Instead of a curtain, a privacy window film is the better option. If you buy the best privacy window film, it will make you comfortable in different ways.

The thing is, in online stores, the same products are available from different manufacturers. Finding the right one is difficult most of the time. This article is for making your buying experience smooth and flawless. Get the list of best products suggested by experts.


Top 5 Privacy Window Film – 2019


  1. Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

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Using a window film doesn’t mean to block the sunlight. Rather, you need the light but without the harmful UV ray. This Rabbitgoo 3D window film does the exact thing that you get a rainbow effect in your room. Though the film doesn’t have any color itself, the color effect will create when sunlight heats it.

It is constructed from the premium glass material. This prevents 96% UV rays and keeps your skin and furniture safe. You will get only the natural light.

Unlike the traditional window film, it is designed for easy installation. There is no need for any glue application. Simply spray water on the flat window surface as well as the film and install it. Perfect attachment looks better. You can remove it anytime based on your requirements and it is reusable.

The unique pattern will bring a good vibe that will make your mode. Compared to similar products, it is long-lasting.

Why did I like this product?

  • It provides maximum UV ray protection
  • The hassle-free peel stick application
  • Reusable after removing
  • Doesn’t have any adhesive
  • Vibrant color from sunlight with privacy protection


  1. Rabbitgoo Decorative Window Film, Leaf Pattern

Rabbitgoo Decorative Window Film, Leaf Pattern

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If your window glass is flat and smooth, you can purchase this item from Rabbitgoo. Instead of conventional styles, it comes with the leave pattern that gives you nature-like feeling. This is a glass film for the window that fits the office room, living room, or even bathroom. This is the best privacy window film for bathroom at an affordable price.

It is designed for easy application at home. The static cling doesn’t require any sticky chemical glue for attaching. Just clean the glass window, measure the surface, spray some soapy water on the surface and attach it.

The best part is, this won’t block the sunlight. Instead, it will protect the UV ray and provide the natural light through it. It could be a perfect decorative thing for your living room. If you need to remove it in winter, no issue. It is removable and reusable.

Why did I like this product?

  • Ensures comfortable and smooth light
  • No need of any chemical application for attaching
  • Suitable for any flat glass window
  • Total privacy protection
  • Easy installation with water


  1. Bloss Window Privacy Film Decorative Flower Pattern Design Film

Bloss Window Privacy Film Decorative Flower Pattern Design Film

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Looking for something affordable but with the best quality? Then you can try this item from Bloss. They have designed a sticker style window pillow that suits almost any area. It is the best window privacy film home for money.

The exterior of the sticker comes in flower design. When light passes through it, this film creates a soft and unique light at home. You can attach it to any flat widow surface. The static cling film is easy to install on the window and doesn’t require any glue for applying.

It will block 99% UV rays to provide the best safety for your carpet, curtain, and the furniture. Especially if you are struggling with a faded curtain, this film would be a blessing for you. For perfect privacy in your living room, just use this.

This is an eco-friendly window film that is made from environmental PVC. There are no adhesive elements in it and safe for your home.

Why did I like this product?

  • Easy to attach without any glue
  • Vibrant color with flower exterior
  • Maximum UV ray protection for home
  • Versatile design suits to any area
  • Suitable to use in shower doors


  1. Rabbitgoo Decorative Window Film

Rabbitgoo Decorative Window Film

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Rabbitgoo is a trusted and reputed brand in the market that has a wide range of products. If you are looking for the best window film for privacy at night, I would recommend this one. The film doesn’t have a flat design. Instead, it comes with the flower decoration that is suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

In summer, we don’t require the heat, rather we only need the natural light. This window film will control the heat and protects up to 96% UV rays. At the same time, it will bring natural light through it. When this is installed in the living room, you don’t need to turn the light on for reading a book.

Installation and attaching is easy. Without any glue, you can add the film to the window. Maybe in winter, you want to remove it. No issue! You can remove the film without keeping any residue. The best thing is, you can use it again.

Why did I like this product?

  • Best suits to bathrooms
  • Decorative look with better heat protection
  • Easy removal without any scratch on the glass
  • Suitable for both home and office

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  1. DUOFIRE Privacy Window Film Natural Frosted Glass Film Static Cling Glass Film

DUOFIRE Privacy Window Film Natural Frosted Glass Film Static Cling Glass Film

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If you like to use the flat texture of window films, this item is the best. The glass film comes with an affordable price and the top quality materials. For the users’ safety, it doesn’t contain any adhesive materials. It easily fits into a smooth and flat glass window.

The main purpose of this item is to proving privacy during daylight or night. Besides, it will protect your home from UV rays. Because of the flat texture, it goes with any area of the home including bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, and more.

For attaching with the window, there is no need for any glue application. Simply use enough water before applying. You may also use soapy water for better performance. However, this is not suitable for use in winter. So, you can remove it during the winter and keep it safe for further use. It is a reusable item.

Why did I like this product?

  • Reusable static cling for installation
  • Covers the whole room with 96% UV protection
  • Premium vinyl material for longevity
  • Easy to remove for further usages


Final Verdict

Buying the best privacy window film is not a difficult task anymore as you have read this article. There is no need to go for other products as these are suggested by an expert team. Consider your requirements and get the right deal.

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