The Best Laptop Coolers in 2023

Whether you’re just an ordinary officer or gamer, there is always an issue of laptop overheating. Inappropriate use to laptop or damage of cooling system can lead to the critical problems in performance.

Getting a suitable laptop cooler pad is important in assuring which you can use to control the heat correctly. Most cases, these cooling pads are come for external use hence extremely versatile. If you want to manage your laptop perfectly, the best fan will be a suitable choice.

Here, in this article, we have compiled 5 best laptop coolers in 2023 to beat the excessive heat. Let’s have a look at them to get the clear picture.

Shopping Guide

Before you a laptop cooling pad, some important parameters you need to consider. Though, most of them depend on your own preference. Read our shopping guide before you make your final decision.


One of the essential factors you need to think is the materials used in the cooling pad construction. Generally, pads are made from aluminum, plastic, metal or combination of both metal and plastic. The pads made of aluminum are great since it facilitates heat misuse. However, there are various materials available but the aluminum is a very potential one.

Size of the Pad

At the same time, make sure the pad fits the laptop size you own. Remember, a cooling pad should not be too small or too big as it’ll not cool the laptop properly. So, opt for the size that maximally likens the size of your laptop.

Ambient Heat

Laptop cooling fans can hold the temperature down without demanding the change device. Most often its environment can dictate your laptop temperature. However, a cooling pad is used to blow air against the hot air to fight off the warm temperature.

A Capacity of Air Intake

The volume of air intake is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). If a fan has offered high CFM, it expressed a high amount of air intake. So a pad can efficiently cool your computer. A usual rule is more airflow, the faster the cooling process.


While the fans are working, sometimes they provide various kinds of noises. Leading to the irritation, some pads have a high degree of noises. Even though, some pads are super quiet with an increase level of rotations per minute.

List the Best Laptop Coolers in 2023


5. Tree New Bee Lap top Cooling Pad



With 2 USB ports and 4 fans, the Tree New Bee Laptop Cooling Pad is a lot more than just a cooler. It offers effective cooling, portability, and style at a price that clearly obtains its mention. Designed for large size laptop screen ranging between 15.6 to 17 inches, it incorporets with cool blue design and a height adjustment features for comfort. Think in a way, if you throw it out of the window, it’ll run better than other cooling pads. Jokes apart, it’s very lightweight so you can buy it with confidence.

The frame of this cooling pad is made of plastic cover with metal mesh exterior. Together both of these materials made this pad a portable, lightweight, and slim model. Thanks to the black and blue themed body with a modern shape. The design is still complemented the gaming laptop for its stylish outlook.

Actually, this cooling pad boasts with 4 fans that go up to 1200 RPM. This spin range is quite enough to meet your laptop’s required of air flow and minimize crashes. Even on the max range, the fans are super quiet and will not annoy during the operation.


  • Has come with interesting angle
  • Mesh construction lets air pass through
  • Has soft, easy to grasp tags
  • Very quiet


  • Limited adjustable height


4. HAVIT HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler


One of the well-known PC accessories brands among the tech enthusiast is HAVIT and HV-F2056 is their one excellent innovation. This cooling pad boasts 3 impressive fans packed with an ultra-durable slim design. Also, this pad comes with 2 adjustable height setting and extra USB ports plug. However, this wonderful pad comes in your choice of glossy red and black color. The best thing about this cooler is that it can fit seamlessly in your laptop bags.

HAVIT HV-F2056 Laptop cooling pad’s sturdy yet compact design is suitable for 15.6 to 17 inches laptops. The whole frame is made from superior quality plastic and metal mesh surface so don’t worry about any potential damage. Moreover, the model is fairly light at 1.54 lbs of weight–so you can easily take the pad with you in your vacation or business trips.

HAVIT pad is incorporated with 3 fans with a maximum speed of 1100 RPM. This cooling fan produces a decent amount of air flow of 65 CFM and allows your laptop to cool down effectively without making noise.


  • Powerful and ultra-quite 3 cooling fans
  • Extra USB ports
  • Adjustable height setting


  • Users find fans are somewhat loud


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3. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

Next name is that everyone ought to be acquainted with– Cooler Master. As this model’s name suggests, the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad is low-profile design. Despite its thin design, it has a heavy duty to fight heat for your laptop. However, if you consider this model half the average weight of the featured packed model, it’ll be good for the trade-off.

The X-slim is a truly slim profile of only 46mm, even when you pull out the two-stage rubber feet lift up the laptop and better its air intake capacity. Even when you lift up the laptop it can improve the performance and temperature. In considering overall quality and cooling capacity, the X-slim can compete for even the best models available in the market.

It can accommodate nicely 15 to 17 inches laptops in its 14-inches frame. This cooling pad boasts with one large size fan with the max speed of 1500 RPM. However, this superior-quality 160mm fan is able to take care of overheating issue any laptop has. Still, regardless of such a powerful fan, it keeps the noise level in minimal condition.


  • Lightweight and slim-profile
  • Fully supports most gaming laptops
  • Very affordable


  • Has only one USB port


2. TopMate Gaming Laptop Cooler


Do you think 4 fans are not sufficient? Well, how about 5 fans then? The TopMate Gaming Laptop Cooler is your answer. The present model of the best laptop coolers in 2019 from TopMate works to make an equally distributed and constant air flow under your laptop. It’s observed that this cooling pad goal is to dissipate the heat generated by GPU and CPU surrounded inside the laptop. However, with fairly light and slim design, the gaming cooling pad is super quiet in operation.

Designed with 5 fans, it is enhancing the efficient cooling. Leading to the fantastic heat removal, the layout of fans ensures maximum airflow. Four smaller fans are positioned on the 4 corners when the big one sits on the center. For this configuration, it creates a powerful wind while they remove heat.

Based on your laptop’s performance, you are able to adjust the speed of your fans. Besides that, this cooling pad comes with 4 tilting options means you can give the best concentration when working. Plus, it has easy to use panel with backlit LED screen. However, this pad boasts with USB powered means it can connects with any devices.


  • Easy to operate control panel
  • USB powered
  • Adjustable tilting


  • Users complain about sizing issue


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1. TECKNET Cooling Pad Ultra-Slim


There is nothing to tension about overheating if you operate the laptop cooling pad from renowned brand TECKNET. This brand innovated series of best gadgets and accessories for a decade. TECKNET Cooling Pad Ultra-Slim is one of their best creations from the company that has been brought to the table of discussion today. However, this cooling pad is becoming your absolute choice while it comes to use in laps and comfort concerns.

To get the maximum air intake, the pad comes with large dual fans that enhance the amount of air intake. It allows the laptop to run smoothly without hanging and crashing the computer. In the time of working, these fans produce whispering sounds that able you to stay away from the irritating buzzing sound.

Furthermore, if you are concern about compatibility, this pad is an excellent option which can use with various brands laptops. Even you don’t need any power adapter to operate rather it offers USB ports for use. Being offer USB ports means you can connect it with many devices.


  • Comes with adjustable angle design
  • Super slim and lightweight
  • The cover made with metal mesh


  • Not comes any speed setting option



To concern the issue of dealing with the heat, there’re many coolers are available that can be pretty easy but not all the cooler do justice with the laptop. Buying a suitable cooling pad is vital to control your laptop heat properly. In the majority of incidents it’s found that, the pads are for external use, means they are truly versatile.

With this list of result, you’re able to find the best laptop coolers in 2019. Hopefully, this will solve your laptop coolers buying misfortune. And you’ll able to buy a perfect cooling pad that truly complements your laptop.


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