Best Color Laser Printers In 2023 Reviews Top 5 Pick

For home office and small business purposes, the color printer is a versatile option to go with. Frankly speaking, they are reliable, fast, and much more affordable than the best inkjet printers to considering the per-page cost.

When most homes and businesses pick the inkjet printers, still there are many reasons why you had to choose a laser printer. Usually, they tend to be a bit costly to purchase, the best color laser printer is more profitable to run so it won’t eat up the ink as inkjet printers do.

Perhaps the best of all, the best color laser printer is faster, flexible, and affordable than before. Making your decision easier, we have rounded up the best color laser printers in 2023. Actually, we are trying to solve the mystery by declaring the picks of the bunch.

Key Considerations of Buying Color Laser Printer

There are a few details you need to pay attention to when purchasing a new printer. Let’s look at the factors you need to consider,

Laser vs. Inkjet

If you want to print high volume text documents, a laser printer is the way to go. It offers a lower per-page cost and sharper text. Or if you want a full range of color printing with the capability to print color photos as well, then go with inkjet.

Print Speed

A most useful advantage of a color laser printer over inkjet is the increasing number of printing speed. Laser printers use toner which gets heat-fused to the paper. It’s a faster process than inkjet. While buying a color laser printer consider the model PPM capacity because it varies in printing black and white, and color.

Ethernet vs. Wireless

Need to consider the printer that connects to the WiFi network or use Ethernet cable to connect with your modem or hardwire internet. Even though both have some advantages, wireless makes the printer easy to use and often allows printing from handheld devices.

All-in-one Quality

While choosing color laser printer makes sure whether you need a dedicated printer or combination of several features in one printer. If you need copy or scanning documents frequently, then all-in-one is the great option to pick.

Toner Capacity

The color laser printer use toner cartridges rather ink, so it’s proven as cost-effective and run for a long time. Meanwhile, you need to think about the price of the toner. An expensive model can print more pages between toner changes which actually make it affordable in the long run while cheap print can’t.


 List of Top 5 Best Color Laser Printers In 2023 Reviews


5. HP LaserJet Pro M277

From scanning and printing to quick copying, the HP LaserJet Pro M277 does it an all-in-one job for an affordable price. This color printer offers the speed of a laser printer with the capability to reconstruct everything from photographs to graphics and color highlights. Ensuring the highest print quality across the board even if it takes a bit for those prints to come out.

This printer is styled in slate-grey with white color. On the base, it designs the output tray and automatic document feeder (ADF). The ADF has the ability to hold up to 50 sheets that quite an odd mix to the main paper tray because it can hold only 150 sheets. Using a USB port, it can print a 5-page monochrome text quite faster way than the average laser printer.

The print quality of this printer was excellent across the board. Text looked dark and crisp, black and white graphics pages were similarly attractive. On the glossy and plain brochure paper, the color print comes with a clear high bar. However, it’s an excellent choice for any small office.

  • Excellent print quality
  • Quite fast scanning options
  • Low-cost printing with high-quality cartridge paper


  • Bit heavy
  • Paper tray of 150 sheets is not sufficient


4. Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw

If you are looking for a great all-in-one for your small office, the Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw is definitely the workhorse to buy. Coming from one of the best brands, this is another great quality printer you can rely on to provide high-quality printouts.  Its reliable performance and solid bargain, making it suitable for business that operates under low budget.

Having been made with efficiency in mind, it uses Vibrant and Vivid Color Technology. Meaning you can get the industry leading graphic and charts printing.  Also, it has a sparkling speed of 28 pages per minute with high-capacity black and white toner option. Its additional features where it really blazing, however, with mobilized fax as well as copied and scanner functionality. Its LCD touch screen allows you to scan important documents, make copies and send scans via fax.

The built-in wireless features help to improve printing speed so that you can get the best printouts faster than ever before. This printer has the ability to perform duplex printing, insert the 250 sheets in the tray and copy over by pressing a button. However, all these features make Canon MF733Cdw the best canon printer for office, business or home use.


  • Reliable and impressive printing
  • LCD touchscreen makes navigation easy
  • Easy to setup


  • Quite bulky


3. Brother Printer HL3140CW



Both for homes and businesses, the Brother Printer HL3140CW heavy-duty digital color printer offers high-volume printing and impressive wireless printing options. It provides excellent black and white as well as color print quality. When it’s not an all-in-one model rather it provides exceptional quality and performance. Even, this is not a color laser printer, but color LED printer–this is the reason it’s neither under specced nor overpriced.

The Brother HL3140CW can print documents and papers at up to 600×2400 dpi with a highest output of 19ppm. Plus, it can hold up to 250 sheets of legal and letter paper. So until you printing dozens of reports, you should not fill the paper tray too often.

While you buy through Amazon, this printer provides supports of Amazon Dash Replenishment. It means the printer can discover while the toner is low and order the appropriate toner you require to your door. Actually, it does not need to be set up singly rather it’s all about your convenience. Plus, this printer comes with deep sleep mode to save power while it’s not used. In a way, it will help you to minimize the cost of your business.


  • Auto-off mode to conserve power
  • Super fast and cost-effective
  • Roomy drawer for 250 sheets


  • Some users complain about toner indicator provide misleading information


2. Brother Printer MFCL8900CDW

Securing the 2nd place on our list, this Brother Printer MFCL8900CDW is an all-in-one color laser printer designed for the small businesses and large home offices in mind. Actually, it is considered the multifunctional sibling to the Brother HL-L8360CDW model. It works well over wireless and flexible networking that shows some additional versatility. However, replacement toners are very reasonable that keeps the overall cost low.

While it is not a super fast one, but it maintains well. 33 pages per minute of black and white as well as color printing are sufficient for most business needs. Standard paper handling starts from 250 sheets and a multipurpose tray of 50 sheets. This brand Brother offers 250-sheet tray and 500-sheet tray which expand the printing ability up to 1300 sheets.  However, you do not need to set any kind of record, but if you do the math, that a ream of paper can print in 15 minutes.

Another standout feature of this printer is wireless printing. This printer uses 802.11b/g/n WiFi to connect with your computer, Smartphone, and other devices. It can work outstandingly both wireless and aired devices. Just put it, you should not have any printing difficulty with each and every device you own. In case if you don’t need WiFi connectivity, you can use the Gigabit Ethernet.


  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Reliable paper handling
  • Speedy monochrome print


  • So-so print quality


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1. HP LaserJet Enterprise M553n

Do you want a color laser printer but don’t demand all the bells and whistles other options have?  You’ll not find a better color laser printer than HP LaserJet Enterprise M553n. Through it lacks copying and scanning functionality of much expensive all-in-one printers, but despite that, it can manage to pack almost any other feature you can imagine. However, it’s a great choice for an office that needs to print lots of pages; also it has offers a low printing cost per per-page.

The overall design of this printer is nothing but extraordinary. It is big enough measuring 18×15.7-inches and weighing approximately 60 pounds. Plus, it comes with a 2.2-inches color display to navigate the features and settings. Unfortunately, it’s not a touchscreen so you need to press the buttons to adjust the settings.

Furthermore, this printer can be used by up to 15 members, isn’t it huge for any business owner. Besides, the printing rate of 40 pages per minute meaning you can print the papers within the shortest time. To come out the first black needs 6 seconds and color print need 7 seconds.


  • The standard paper capacity is 650-sheet
  • Low running cost
  • Great print quality


  • The display is not a touchscreen



Final Thoughts

From the above information we can see that to achieve efficiency, the best color laser printer is the ideal way to go. However, not all the color laser printers deliver the high-quality outputs. So, users need to conscious about their investment.

Based on the Top 5 Best Color Laser Printers In 2018 reviews, we think the HP LaserJet Enterprise M553n is the best overall laser printer due to its connectivity options, color accuracy, and print quality. So, hurry to make your own decision!



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